q Typical Factors That May Impact Your Drywall
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Because it can be cut into sheets and fastened directly to wall studs with just the need to smooth up the seams and nail holes, drywall is a favorite building material for both contractors and homeowners. 

Drywall is a staple in the majority of contemporary construction projects because of its simple installation and low cost.

In a perfect home, interior drywall can endure up to seventy years. However, severe use, termite damage, or water damage can drastically shorten its life. 

It’s unlikely that you’ll ever need to entirely repair the drywall in your home because it can be replaced in parts as needed. Although drywall is built to last for decades, a number of factors can affect how long it actually lasts.

Below are some of the common elements that can affect your drywall.

Moisture Exposure

Drywall is made to withstand exposure to typical moisture levels. But as drywall’s paper components are absorbent, prolonged exposure to water will harm or deteriorate it. 

Drywall that bulges, swells, or starts to peel is a result of plumbing or roof leaks, any amount of flooding, or persistently excessive ambient humidity.

Green board is frequently preferred over standard drywall in areas that are susceptible to dampness. Aside from the damage that exposure to moisture can immediately inflict, damp drywall can start to grow mold. 

Spot-treating for minor mold issues is possible, but further cleanup may be necessary for larger areas or chronic mold regrowth.

However, it’s rare that water damage will need replacing all of the drywall in your house unless there has been catastrophic flooding. Most likely, just repairing the damaged areas will be sufficient.

Damage from Termites

Termites consume wood as well as paper, which includes the paper used in drywall. Damage to the drywall in your home could be one of the first indications that you have termites. 

Termite activity can be detected by small pinholes in walls, termite waste, or tube-like structures that hang from ceiling drywall.

Any homeowner should be extremely concerned about termites since they may do much more damage to walls than just that. Termites will eat away at your home’s wooden structure if they are not treated, potentially resulting in catastrophic structural damage.

Although termite control can be pricey, it is necessary to protect your home’s structural integrity. In order to evaluate structural damage or the degree of the infestation, treatment may necessitate the removal of some drywall.

Wear Down Due to Normal Use

Although drywall has a fair amount of durability, it is vulnerable to dents, scuffs, and holes, especially in areas with heavy foot traffic, like corridors and entranceways. It is possible to patch and repair drywall, but with time, accumulated repairs may become evident and detract from the area’s aesthetic appeal.

You can decide that full replacement of damaged areas is preferable to continuous repair depending on the extent of the damage or how visible the repaired region is to the public. In a matter of hours, a competent drywall installer can remove the old drywall and install the new one.

It will need an overnight drying period for the taped and prepared seams before they are ready for sanding and painting the following day.


Your drywall might seem to be in good shape right now, but that doesn’t guarantee that it will always be so. Make sure to regularly inspect your drywall as part of your home maintenance routine to make sure it is operating normally.

As these could be signs of more significant difficulties, such as foundation problems, keep an eye out for any cracks or creases, especially around the baseboards, edges, corners, and ceilings.

Additionally, keep an eye out for any watermarks, stains, or discolorations, as these could be precursors to mold growth or moisture buildup. By keeping an eye on your drywall, you’ll be able to see any issues early and fix them before they get worse.

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